Setting the record straight...


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    Setting the record straight... Empty Setting the record straight...

    Post by anarchyxf36 on Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:06 am

    Okay, it has come to my attention that someone is going around spreading rumors that i have quit. (Which i will find out who it is doing so and they will be immediately ejected from the clan for doing so! NO EXCUSES NOR EXCEPTIONS FOR THIS CHILDISH BEHAVIOR!)

    The truth is that everyone knows is that i live with my parents in exchange for helping out with daily chores since they are in there 70's. Now with my mother in the hospital, and having to find a lawyer for my disability case, as well as having to take care of a de-clawed cat i have been extra busy helping to pick up the excess slack of cooking, cleaning, ect. Now combine that with getting over a cold that threw my sleeping scheduale off, i have not had the pleasure of having the time i usually do to commit to my usual nightly WoT gaming marathons.

    However i do get on from time to time (It varies whenever i can.) and if you check my in-game stats you would notice this by looking at when my last battle was.

    So please note that this is only a temporary "Phase" for yours truly and i will be back to my daily routine playing schedule as soon as i can. Also please note that anyone within the clan spreading rumors about me quitting is to be brought to my attention ASAP with the name of the person spreading them. As stated i am not dealing with this childish bullshit because someone isn't happy that i am not on cause i am having to deal with personal shit going on in my real life.

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