Who am I and what am I


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    Who am I and what am I Empty Who am I and what am I

    Post by gayl-andy-tank on Thu Dec 13, 2012 7:11 am

    Hi All so you want to know a little about who I am.

    Well I'm 48 years old and run my own business, my name is Andrew and have lived with Jarheads mother Gayle for 20 years, hence the game names "gaylandy".

    As you ,ay have guessed J4 is my son and introduced me to the clan.

    I also play Diablo3 O'boy was that a long wait.

    My hobbies are fishing, gaming and general loafing around.

    I live in Darkest Africa, just kidding South Africa, so internet can be a grind.

    Well thats me any questions just ask.

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