Here is the man himself...... LiQuiD!!!!

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    Here is the man himself...... LiQuiD!!!!  Empty Here is the man himself...... LiQuiD!!!!

    Post by LiQuiD117 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 2:50 am

    hey fellas, well here is the long and short of it.
    i am English.... WHOA what a suprise to you boys in Raidcall eh? LOL
    im a bowling mechanic for AMF so i work schedules anywhere between 6am and 1am it varies alot.
    i have a 15yr old step son (also in the clan) "leolegs" if you see me in game but unresponsive in Raidcall, sometimes my son plays my account for me grinding credits, thats why, hes not a talker...LOL
    i have 3yr old twin girls, i used to be a big player on WoW as ThunderBug.
    i love WoT even though i suck sometimes.... but i love my ELC AMX and you may find out in training i can be a REAL pain in your ass when im in it LOL

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