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    Post by Delphonz on Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:36 pm

    Wohhaaa, who the H E double hockey sticks are you ?
    Me....Well I am the one and only Delphonz.....hear the trumpets?
    I am a true NERD..... and I wear that badge with the highest honors.
    However, I also am very aggressive....this is something that NASA is studding as we speak.
    Here is a good example.......Take King Leonidas .....and Lewis Skolnick , now if it were possible
    for these two fine gentlemen to have a child together, the result would be ME.......
    I have probably the wierdest and wildest sense of humor that you will ever run across....to me everything is funny.
    As stated earlier I am a NERD..... but only about computer games...everything else I am the product of the 60's.
    Also let us not forget the CAPTAIN of MORGAN'S .....when he comes to visit it is a whole new game......
    Let's go blow some shit up!!!!....oh wait a minute the CAPTIAN IS CALLING.....
    e,f'fk'fp[pkfk';, cheers

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